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3D Process

Where other firms start with the policy, we start with you.  A life insurance policy is nothing more than a reflection of one's needs and values. The policy is not the end game, you are. Our job is to make the most efficient use of family assets in accomplishing your goals.


Our trademarked process analyzes your policies three-dimensionally; meaning from all angles and perspectives.  Our 3D Process™ specifically allows us to deliver consistent and quantifiable outcomes so Trustees and their clients feel more confident in the security of their life insurance portfolios.

Our proprietary 3D Process™ assists all parties to the Trust in meeting its goals. We only feel like we are truly doing our job to properly serve you when we receive feedback that the following sets of goals are being accomplished:

Trust Administration

  • The Trustee is confident the policy in place meets the goals of the family and the goals established by the Policy Management Statement.
  • The Trust administrators are relieved to have a technology support system in place that saves them time, expense and streamlines trust communication and policy reporting.
  • Trust administrators utilize LT3D’s qualified professionals regarding policy issues instead of always having to call 1-800- land.  This may perhaps be one of the most valuable parts of our partnership.

Trust Goals for Life Insurance:

  • Ensuring the policy put in place years ago pays the anticipated benefit
  • Maximizing life insurance death benefits
  • Maintaining flexibility through cash value accumulation
  • Securing life insurance benefits with financially strong and reliable insurance carriers
  • Eliminating or Reducing premium
  • Strengthening the contract’s death benefit and premium guarantees

This is how we measure our performance and ability to serve you.  Our goal is for you to feel confident knowing your policies are continually monitored by the industry’s leading technology, combined with being managed by a team of people who have been meeting life insurance promises to policyholders for more than six decades.

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