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Win Small, Win Early, Win Often

“Win small, win early, win often.” -Gary Hamel Most of the news we hear these days is negative, not just in world news, but also in industry news: Insurance carriers increasing costs of insurance charges (COIs), decreasing dividend scales, and lawsuits against insurance carriers mistreating policyholders. In this LifeTrust3D™ Blog post, I want to communicate…
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The Life Insurance Maturity Provision Prophecies

Prophecy: noun proph·e·cy \ˈprä-fə-sē\ Definition of prophecy – a statement that something will happen in the future – the power or ability to know what will happen in the future Once upon a time, life insurance policies were issued, with insureds never dreamed they would outlive the listed death benefit. In the 1980’s and 1990’s,…
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Cost of Insurance (COI) Charges on the Rise?

Source:  Towers Watson Survey of CFO’s for North American Life Insurance Carriers:  43% of respondents say the language in their policy forms allows them to change cost of insurance (COI) based on revised future expected investment earnings. In 2013, Conseco was hit with a $27MM Settlement for increasing COI charges on policyholders contrary to contract language.  However, recent…
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Addressing Carrier Financial Strength

Source:  Vital Term: We have witnessed Phoenix’s financial strength as measured by the rating agencies deteriorate quickly in 2014.  Both Moody’s and Fitch have withdrawn their ratings.  LT3D TIP:  LT3D rarely recommends exchanging out of an existing life insurance policy based on Financial Strength alone.  Exchanges should only be considered if a new policy is…
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