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Where We Discover. Design. and Deliver. Real Solutions to Our Clients.


Frankly, this is our favorite part of what we do! Designing your plan is like putting complex puzzle pieces together, but knowing the outcome makes people’s lives better.

Depending on the outcome of The Discovery Analyzer Report™, our expert insurance consultants work to match the current policy or new policy being purchased to the goals established for the Trust.


35% - Restructuring through a Policy Exchange. A new policy and plan design may produce a more desirable result for the client based on changing goals, current health status and market conditions

29% - No Change Recommendation – A no change recommendation is reassuring to both the client and fiduciary. Simply stated, the current policy in-force best meets the client’s goals.

22% - Policy Modification to Current Policy – The current policy best meets the client’s goals; however a change to the policy is necessary to maintain its viability. This may include modifications such as dividend option change, death benefit reduction, re-allocation of investment sub-accounts, or increased premium funding.

12% - Securing Additional Coverage – We find additional insurance becomes necessary when a client’s estate grows significantly, charitable planning goals are solidified or grandchildren are on the horizon.

2% - Selling or Surrendering a Policy – In certain situations, it is no longer possible for a policy to receive the funding it needs to stay in-force. Here, we utilize the Life Settlement Advocacy Program™ to analyze the value of a life insurance policy in the open marketplace. Depending on the situation, a life settlement may provide greater value to the family or trust than a policy surrender.

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