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Insurance Ingenuity


noun [in-juh-noo-i-tee]

  1.  the quality of being cleverly inventive and resourceful
  2. skillfulness of conception or design: a device of great ingenuity.
  3. an ingenious concept, approach, contrivance or device.

Our name is “LifeTrust 3D™”.  It says what we do… review, manage and monitor trust-owned life insurance policies from a three-dimensional perspective.

Our tagline is “Insurance Ingenuity”.  It says how we do it.  As the Greek philosopher Plato said, “Necessity is the mother of all invention”.  After 60 years in the life insurance business we have seen it all, tried it all and done it all.  In short, there is nothing more powerful or valuable than real-world, in-the-trenches, experience.  That’s why the first word in the “about us” section is the dictionary definition of the word “ingenuity”.  All of our efforts, successes, and yes, failures have ultimately caused us to conceive, design and evolve into this inventive and resourceful solution known as LifeTrust 3D™, America’s premier life insurance policy management and monitoring system.

What we do is very specific and laser-focused.  We review, evaluate, manage and monitor trust-owned life insurance policies.  We exist to do three things:

  • Maximize benefits
  • Reduce risk
  • Support fiduciaries

With over 10,000 life insurance policies currently in our proprietary system, we are the nation’s most proven life insurance management and monitoring system.

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