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In an effort to assist you in understanding the technology portion of the LifeTrust3D™ solution, we are providing the following pre-training videos. It is important to note that as with any technology (i.e., QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, etc.), you can only get the maximum value when you combine it with real-world knowledge and experience. What makes LifeTrust3D™ unique is the blend we have between the industry's leading technology, 60 years of life insurance experience, and a culture of service at the highest level. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Portfolio Monitoring: LifeTrust3D™ Proactive management system requires that clients and advisors agree to clear performance guidelines at the onset of engagement. Once the policy monitoring parameters are established, LifeTrust3D™ tracks the health of insurance products using a three-tier scale based on comparing of actual policy performance to performance guidelines. Policies that do not perform according to their guidelines generate alerts so that corrective action can be taken.

Policy/Client Management: LifeTrust3D™ provides the ability for portfolio management, monitoring, and analysis on the individual client level. Information can be input, viewed, printed or exported across the client’s portfolio or on an individual policy basis. This unique system helps to quickly search and find needed information to identify policy concerns.

Reminder and Tracking System: LifeTrust3D™ notification tracking system helps ensure that policies are proactively managed throughout their life cycle.

These Notifications include the following:

  • Client and Policy Specific Reminders

  • Data Request for Client and Policy Data

  • Updates when new Client and/or Policy Data is Collected

  • Monitoring Alerts when Policy Tracking Points Change

  • Data Missing Alerts when Protocol Collection Timing Lapses

Family and Advisor Access:   LifeTrust3D™ was designed with a core fundamental purpose; to promote Policy Holder Advocacy. This gives clients complete control of the policy management and monitoring criteria.

These controls include the following:

  • Freedom to choose who are the people to gather the necessary on-going data and the length of time they have to complete the collection process.

  • Setting the policy performance tracking guidelines for each of their policies.

  • Deciding who has online access, what if any alerts they get, and what if any achieve folder viewing rights they are granted.

  • Authorizing and Executing the LifeTrust3D™ implementation.

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