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When LifeTrust3D™ was formed in 2013, Founder—Tate Groome—idealized more than just a policy review firm. LifeTrust3D™ was created to be an ultimate insurance resource, helping you implement best-interest standards across your trust department(s) and industry. We provide proactive solutions to your clients and always advocate on your client’s behalf, even when you may not know you need us.

Today, we are advocating for your VOYA policyholders.

As VOYA has opted for sale of closed blocks of life insurance to the private-equity firm, Resolution Life, your team at LifeTrust3D™ has great concern. You may be aware that VOYA no longer sells new life insurance products in the U.S. As we had been monitoring this situation, and understood distribution had ceased, we questioned if the policy holder service would follow suit. A similar situation occurred with Lincoln Benefit Life (LBL), and those policyholders have since been treated… questionably. We worry that a like fate awaits VOYA policyholders.

Tate recently wrote a letter to the Colorado Insurance Commissioner regarding VOYA’s potential sale. Your LifeTrust3D™ Team has attached the letter below so you understand that we are advocating for you and your clients. We understand that this letter will have limited impact on such a large insurance company and the sale’s outcome. However, we want transparency to insurance carriers: there are still experienced insurance professionals out there. Professionals that know what this sale means for servicing, and will not hesitate to advocate for their client(s).

Know that no matter the outcome, you have someone in your corner.

Are you ready to connect with your insurance advocate? Connect with us, today.